Impacts of Extreme Weather Events on Tilapia Farming

The major tilapia producing regions in the Philippines are now experiencing significant impacts from the progressing negative effects of climate change. Tilapia pond-aquaculture farmers are alarmed at the recurrent decline in farm productivity; mass mortality and fish kill brought about by prolonged dry season; increasing air and water temperatures; critical dry spell and drought; frequency of strong thunderstorms; and heavy rainfalls which induce flooding and overflows of aquaculture farms.

The tilapia farming sector might be further exposed to risk if key findings on Special Report on Emission Scenarios [SRES-is a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The greenhouse gas emission scenario projects the possible global and regional climate change in the years to come]. occur which state that seasonal rainfall will generally increase, warming or increase in mean temperature is projected for all seasons, and extreme events are likely to increase in the period 2011-2040 (Ang Kuwento ng Climate Variability at Climate Change, PAGASA).